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FauxFlowFountains :

  • FauxFlowFountain-Bucket
  • FauxFlowFountain-Paint Bucket
  • FauxFlowFountain-Watering Can

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      Item # Description Price Unit
    FFF4002 FauxFlowFountain (Bucket)
    The water keeps coming but the bucket NEVER FILLS! You'll love watching people's jaws drop while staring at your FAUX FLOW FLOATING FAUCET FOUNTAIN. An optical illusion? You decide. The water flows 24 hours a day--and you can check it out right now, too!
    750.00 dozen ($62.50 each)
    FFF_paint FauxFlowFountain (Paint Bucket)
    This should make 'em look twice! Not only could that water overflow but that paint could drip too! Not really, this is just another great illusion for your garden, patio or home. The addition of the used paint brush sets up the scene very nicely.
    1,050.00 dozen (87.50 each)
    FFF3002 FauxFlowFountain (Watering Can)
    Our name says it all: FAUX FLOW FLOATING FAUCET FOUNTAIN. A galvanized Watering Can gives an illusion of water continuously flowing out of an UNATTACHED faucet! Suitable indoors or out. Watch people stare in wonder at this true "attention grabber." How's it done? Click the photo and find out!
    870.00 dozen ($72.50 each)

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