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Item # Description

FFF3002. FauxFlowFountain (Watering Can)

Faux Flow Floating Faucet Fountain
(Watering Can)

So here's what you're looking at: Water liberally and continuously flowing out of a faucet which is unattached to any water source! And the can NEVER FILLS!

Watch your guest's reaction. Wait for them to finish staring. Then--it's a show stopper--so get ready for "Woah! How is that even POSSIBLE?!"

It's a real Watering Can so perfect in any home decor. (Or OUT of any home decor! It's galvanized so impervious to weather conditions.) Enjoy it 24 hours a day, 365 days a year.

Easy to set up. Maintenance is a breeze. It's a conversation piece that lasts for years.

    The "secret" is a clear 12" tube placed in a durable pump which is suctioned to the bottom of the can.
    Water is pumped up though the tube and then cascades over the outside of the tube, giving the perfect illusion of water exiting the faucet.
    A waterproof cord from the pump through a hole at the top of the "opposite" side of the can is then plugged into any convenient wall socket.
    Several clean standard rocks (required, but not supplied) surround and cover the pump to solidify the clear tube in a vertical position.


Container--6.5" wide, 8" high, 12" to top of bail 17" long, (from front of rose to back of handle)
Faucet Height--16"

Also available:
Galvanized Faux Flow Floating Faucet Fountain Paint Can and Bucket

$ 870.00
dozen ($72.50 each)

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